RE: Information Regarding 2020-2021 School Sports 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

This year has been a slow start to school sports to ensure we are able to meet and follow the guidelines regarding Covid-19. There are  numerous guidelines for us to navigate from Battle River School Division, ASAA and the Alberta Government so please be patient with us if protocols change. 

Some protocols we are asking you as parents to be mindful of: 

  • Please try limiting your child’s sport cohorts as per AHS guidelines. 
  • Keeping your child home from school and practices if they are displaying any flu or cold like symptoms.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the school during practices. Please wait outside of CHSPS for practice to be over. 

There are some protocols for students participating on CHSPS sports teams: 

  • Each student will be expected to hand sanitize when they arrive at practice and prior to leaving practice. 
  • Students will need to keep their masks on until practice has started this includes inside the changerooms. 
  • Each student will only be able to play on their division level team. No Junior High students practicing with Senior High or vice versa. 

We are now a month into school and feel prepared to begin practices for our students. We will be beginning volleyball practices as early as this week. Your son or daughter should hear more about practice times from their coach or Mrs. Hellekson soon.  As of right now CHSPS students will only be participating in practices for their respective school sport teams. There will be no games or scrimmages against teams outside of our building. 



Mrs. Hellekson