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Photo of Richard Cowan

Richard Cowan


Photo of Madison Nickel

Madison Nickel

Assistant Principal & Sr. Social Studies


Photo of Karen Antos

Karen Antos

SCI 7, SCI 8, Jr. High Non-Core

Photo of Jody Bergseth

Jody Bergseth

Grade 3, LLI Support

Photo of Skyler Burden

Skyler Burden

Athletic Director, Grade 2 Teacher, Phys. Ed. 6

Photo of Lisa Burgess

Lisa Burgess

Jr. High Humanities & Non-Core

placeholder image for Kaybree Cookson

Kaybree Cookson

Grade 1, SCI 3

Photo of Michelle Edey

Michelle Edey

Elementary Music, Art, & French, SOC 2/3

Photo of Shelley Edwards

Shelley Edwards

Grade 5, LNI Support

placeholder image for Danaya Falk

Danaya Falk

Math 9, SCI 9, SCI 24, SCI 10/14

Photo of Dan Gillis

Dan Gillis

Sr. High Foods, SOC 7, Jr. High Phys. Ed. & Non-Core

Photo of Linda Grant

Linda Grant

SOC 1, SCI 4, SCI 6

Photo of Delanie Hellekson

Delanie Hellekson

placeholder image for Ashley Higginson

Ashley Higginson

Phys. Ed. 9, Leadership 9

Photo of Cassidy Holt

Cassidy Holt

Phys Ed. 9, Leadership 9

Photo of Reagan Josephison

Reagan Josephison

Jr. High/Sr. High Sciences & Math, CALM, Hockey Academy

placeholder image for Ian MacEachern

Ian MacEachern

Math 30-3

Photo of Kailyn Maxwell

Kailyn Maxwell

Grade 2/3

Photo of Kelsey McPherson

Kelsey McPherson

SCI 2, SCI 4, SOC 6, ELA 6

Photo of Trish Ryan

Trish Ryan

JH/SH Humanities, Foods & Art

Photo of Wendy Seffern

Wendy Seffern

Jr. High/Sr. High Humanities, Sr. High Options

Photo of Anna Skoberg

Anna Skoberg

Math 4, Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Elementary Non-Core

placeholder image for Mel Tiangson

Mel Tiangson

Sr. High Math & Sciences

Photo of Talia Weller

Talia Weller

Jr. High/Sr. High Math & Sciences, CALM 20

Photo of Carlene Yaremko

Carlene Yaremko

Grade 4, Jr. High Non-Core

Support Staff

Photo of Janelle Clark

Janelle Clark

Educational Assistant

Photo of Ronda Eide-Johnson

Ronda Eide-Johnson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Angie Hoffman

Angie Hoffman

Administrative Assistant and Student Records

Photo of Sheilla Kobsar

Sheilla Kobsar

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Theresa Kruchten

Theresa Kruchten

Career Councillor

Photo of Melinda McClements

Melinda McClements

Administrative Assistant Finance

Photo of Tara Muhlbeier

Tara Muhlbeier

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Helena Neufeld

Helena Neufeld

Educational Assistant-German

Photo of Charlene Probst

Charlene Probst

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Crystal Rapson

Crystal Rapson

FSLW (Family School Liason Worker)

Photo of Norm Savage

Norm Savage

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Irene Slavik

Irene Slavik

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Hanna Tiangson

Hanna Tiangson

Educational Assistant

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