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We're Good to Go!

September 10, 2019


Hello parents and families of CHSPS!


We are very pleased to let you know that “Camp Sedgewick” is good to go!


All students are asked to come to school at Camp Sedgewick on Wednesday, September 11. School buses will run on schedule. Classes will begin at 8:50 a.m.


Next week, we will host a ‘meet the teacher’ event and provide the opportunity for you to tour our Camp. We will not be able to enter the school itself, but we know you would like the chance to take a look at our temporary facilities. Watch for an announcement of the date.


In addition, here are the answers to a number of questions parents might have about how things will work in the coming weeks  . . .


Site Logistics


Where will buses and parents drop off students?

  • Buses will pull up in front of the school, as they usually do.
  • Parents dropping off their children should park on the north side of the street, in front of the church. For safety reasons, students should only use the sidewalk or designated walking area, and avoid cutting through the parking lot.
  • Parents are asked to keep the bus lanes clear and not use the staff parking lot.


Where will staff and students park?

- Staff will park in the parking lot on the east side of the school building.

- Students will be asked to park on the street along the north side of the school grounds, or on the south side of the Wild Rose Recreation Centre. A new entrance has been created in the fence on the northeast side of the school grounds.


Where will students enter ‘Camp Sedgewick’? How will they find their classroom?

- Students who are walking onto the school site will enter from the east side of the school building, between the school and the parking lot or through a new access on the northeast side of the grounds. 

- To access the playground, students will go around the front of the school from the east side to access the playground. 

- All staff will be on hand to welcome students as they arrive (especially in the first few days) and help them find their way.

- All the “classroom” units have signage to help students identify where they are going.


How will you ensure students are safe from construction traffic?

- Safety is always our primary concern. Students will never move through the construction traffic.

- There is fencing around the construction area, to separate construction access from school access. 


Classroom questions


What should students bring on the first day?

- Please limit students to bringing a small supply of “the basics”, in a backpack. 

- We will make do with one pair of shoes for now, as well.


Do students have lockers or some sort of storage for their belongings?

- There is very limited storage in the classroom units.

- Some desks (but not all) have a cubby.

- Students will hang jackets on the back of their chair.


Will students have access to Chromebooks?

- Yes.

- Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops/tablets for class purposes.


Where will students eat lunch? Will they have access to microwaves?

- Elementary students will eat lunch in their classroom units.

- For this week, junior and senior high students remaining on campus for lunch will gather in the high school classroom units and eat lunch together. 

- We hope to have microwave access soon, but we do not right now.


Do the classrooms have drinking water? What about bathrooms?

- Each classroom is equipped with a water cooler. We request that students bring a travel mug with them. 

- There are four bathroom units on the site. Students in lower grades will be accompanied to the washroom. 


Will students be using any portion of the school?

- We will have access to the Foods lab, the Industrial Arts shop and the classroom attached to the shop.


Where will students have recess? Phys. Ed? Where will they change for Phys. Ed?

- Elementary students will be able to access the playground, as well as the green space on the east side of the school, for recess. Playground access may be restricted at a later date, depending on the scope of roof work that needs to take place.

- Right now, Phys. Ed classes will take place outside as much as possible. On inclement days, we’ve been told we can access the Wild Rose Co-op Recreation Centre. 

- In the short term, students will not change for Phys. Ed. We expect to have access to the small gym in a few weeks. At that time, students will be able to access the change rooms.


Timeline questions


How long is the Camp expected to be in use?

 - We are hopeful that the east end of the school will be available to us before fall break in early November. 

- We anticipate that the west side of the school will be out of use until spring.


Who moves back into the school first?

- Foods and Shop classes will make use of those labs starting immediately,

- When the east side of the school becomes available, the elementary students will be first to move inside. This will make it possible for them to store winter boots, snow pants and other items in lockers, as well as have access to washrooms inside the building.

- Science labs, etc. on the east side of the building will be reserved for high school students use. 


Reminder: parents / guardians, please remember to return the permission slips that were distributed through School Messenger, so students are able to participate in classes and activities within the community,


We are excited to welcome all of our students to the 2019-2020 school year.

See you at the Camp!


As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

William Klassen                                   Keely Nelson

Principal                                             Assistant Principal

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