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August 22, 2019 Fire Damage Update

Hello parents and families of CHSPS!

Thank you for your ongoing patience, as we await information on the damage that needs to be repaired at our school.

We received updates from the fire investigators and site inspectors yesterday. This morning we began finalizing plans for the school year, based on their estimated repair timelines.

Here is what we know right now:

  1. Air quality issues, fire and water damage to the elementary section of the school, the large gymnasium and the Administration offices is extensive.
  2. Air quality issues may also be more challenging in the east end of the building than originally anticipated. We continue to wait for a final report about this. 

By early next week we will be able to make a decision about the school start date. 

We know it seems to be taking a long time to get clear information about how we are going to move forward. We know that this makes a difficult situation even more stressful and we apologize for that. We remain grateful that all the damage can be fixed and that we have a school we will be able to return to. Together we will come through this, stronger and more united than ever.

We will provide another update as soon as we possibly can. Thank you.


William Klassen, Principal                    Keely Nelson, Assistant Principal

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